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Viewing posts from March, 2013

I Fell into a Burning Ring of Fire

Continuing the story of March being all about The Road, this week finds Mark Kalmes, Mike Hines, and I in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference. While we're here, we'll be investigating software to help make the game bigger, better, and faster as well as keeping an eye on the competition and networking ferociously. On a sad note, I regret to report that one of our original Goblins, character artist Stephen Minkin, has departed the team. He will be missed and we wish him well on his next adventure.

Over the Hill and Far Away

March has turned into a long adventure with many stops! Next weekend I will be at PAX East. I'll be on two panels: one on Saturday at 9 pm talking about successful Kickstarters, and one Sunday at noon on the future of roleplaying characters. If you're attending the show I hope to see you at one or both!

Darkness on the Edge of Town

I have mentioned before that Rich Baker has joined our staff as a full-time member of the game design team. While he's currently hip-deep in helping to manage the aftermath of our Kickstarter and making sure that we're tracking all the things we've promised our backers, he's also been working closely with Paizo on the Emerald Spire superdungeon, as well as laying a lot of groundwork for the lore that's going to be the backbone of the stories we develop in and around Pathfinder Online.

Every Picture Tells a Story

This has been a really great week for Goblinworks. Thanks to everyone who backed our Kickstarter, we were able to hire additional programming staff to help make the game bigger, better, and faster than our pre-Kickstarter plan. We're pleased to welcome three additional Goblins to the tribe: Andrew Carlston, Andrew Richter and Cole Brown. They'll join Mark and Paul as the core of our engineering team through Early Enrollment.