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Viewing posts from May, 2013

Programmed by Fellows with Compassion and Vision

We are almost halfway through our second milestone; the official halfway point is this Friday, when the team will present their work so far and discuss their trajectories for the second half of the current development period. It's really exciting to see so many threads starting to weave together to form the tapestry of the game. We are moving out of the mode of testing tools and defining processes, and into the real work of assembling the basic components of the game. This is a necessary and crucial step that needs to be completed before we can start tackling the really hard issues of game balance, features and options, and creating roadmaps for future development. The time invested now can pay big dividends in the future if we lay a strong foundation.

Evil Minds that Plot Destruction

Alignment has been one of the most vigorously debated topics in the forum over the last year or so, and consequently we've been thinking hard about the right way to implement an alignment system in Pathfinder Online.

An Echo and a Stranger's Hand

The first wave of Kickstarter Fulfillment users has crested, and it's time to take some stock of the process so far. I'm happy to report that many of you took the time to increase your pledge and a few changed reward tiers as well! We will have a more updated report about the money added to the campaign next week, along with a summary of stretch goals and new information about how we're going to re-engage with Crowdforging during this period.

They Flew the Colors, They Began to Fight

The big news last week was the deployment of the fulfillment system for the Kickstarter backers! If you backed the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter, now is the time to log in, check your reward level, and select your add-ons.

You Can Live in Grace and Comfort

For this week's development blog, new Goblin Tork Shaw is going to take a long look at settlement characteristics—specifically, the DI (or development index) system.