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Viewing posts from September, 2014

How the Auction House Works

Dutch Auctions and You We introduced a new feature into the Alpha with the 8.2 update - Auction Houses. This is the missing piece of the puzzle that enables the game to start to develop a viable economy. Players can now buy and sell on the markets created by these Auction Houses. 

Comprehensive Schedule Update

[note:  we made a date correction to the start of Early Enrollment - start will be October 30]

Start of Early Enrollment Delayed

Early Enrollment Will Not Start This Week There are a lot of final pieces coming into place to turn Pathfinder Online into a Minimum Viable Product so all of our early adopters can play and have a great time. The Auction House didn't make it in for a build last week and that is a critical feature of our MVP. As always, Goblinworks is dedicated to making sure the players have a solid and fun game experience

Alpha Stress Test Update

Update to Alpha Stress Test We are still working on the update we planned to deploy on Saturday. Until we have completed that process we are not opening the game for the Alpha Stress Test. As we mentioned in the blog last week, if you have Open, Explorer or Early Enrollment please wait for an email from our MailChimp system informing you that your access to the Alpha is available before trying to log in or download the client.

Update to Alpha Test for the Weekend of September 20th

Build Process Ongoing The team is in process of generating the next build of the Alpha Test which will take all night to complete. Early tomorrow morning (Saturday), assuming the build completes successfully we will begin testing the new code. If the software passes our basic test we will be deploying it to the Alpha Test servers in the early afternoon.