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Viewing posts from August, 2015

Keepside Chat Images - August 19, 2015

Mike Hines here! These are some images to accompany the Keepside Chat for tonight. They are all developer style work in progress images. The last one is the prospective layouts for the upcoming player settlement change. I wish I had some more polished stuff, but we're very heads-down working on getting player customized settlements out the door. I'll discuss that more in the chat though.

Early Enrollment v10.1 Release Notes

These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v10.1. This update has been on the Test Server since the 27th of July. It was deployed to the Live Server on Monday, 10 August.

Combat Mechanics Changes for Early Enrollment v10.1

Early Enrollment 10.1 Feat Changes In EE10.1 (which we will be deploying as soon as it has passed it's QA certification on our Test Server), we’re making several individually minor changes to feats that add up to some noticeable changes. Below, we explain the reasoning for each of the changes, and an overall picture of what these feats will look like in Early Enrolment 10.1.