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Making Movies

As we promised last week, here's a short video that shows off some of our recent progress in building landscapes, settlements, characters, and animations. We showed an earlier version of this in our Pathfinder Online seminar at PaizoCon, but art director Mike Hines has done a little work here and there to get the latest material into the video. Remember, this is a work in progress: We have thousands of lovely trees already populating that landscape! But for now, grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy the movie!

A Stately Pleasure-Dome Decree

It turns out that aren't all that many classic rock songs about constructing things, so this week we turn to more literary inspirations for our blog title: In Xanadu did Kubla Khan/ A stately pleasure-dome decree... Creating player settlements and choosing the buildings your settlement constructs is one of the unique features of the Pathfinder Online game. While it may be easier to wave your hand and decree that your minions build whatever you want, we think it's a little more interesting if players have to think hard, plan ahead, and cooperate to get the most out of their settlements. This week, designers Tork Shaw and Lee Hammock take a look at buildings and building construction.

Don't Ask Me No Questions

As Ryan noted in last week's dev blog, we've been collecting some FAQ's that have been kicking around our forums over the last few weeks. Thanks to all the people who helped to populate our submit-a-question thread; even though we're only going to get to a small portion of all the questions that were asked, it's useful to see what you all are interested in hearing about.

Evil Minds that Plot Destruction

Alignment has been one of the most vigorously debated topics in the forum over the last year or so, and consequently we've been thinking hard about the right way to implement an alignment system in Pathfinder Online.

Designing Thornkeep

Hi, folks! I'm guest blogger Rich Baker, designer of the "town, surroundings, and main dungeon level" portion of the upcoming Thornkeep book. Ryan asked me to share my thoughts about the process of designing Thornkeep in this edition of the Pathfinder Online development blog. I just finished my design turnover to the gang at Paizo this week, so now's a great time to talk a little about this corner of the River Kingdoms and how one goes about building a town there. (Note that Paizo and Goblinworks haven't finalized my manuscript yet, so some details discussed here may change prior to publication.)