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Crowdforging Tool - Ideascale

We have been evaluating tools to help us implement the promises we've been making about Crowdforging. Today, I'd like to introduce you to our first Crowdforging platform test, Ideascale.

War of Towers

What happens when Mark and Lee start talking about making Settlement activities more interesting and persistent in Early Enrollment?  For a game with territorial control as a central design principle, our Minimum Viable Product had a noticeable lack of territorial conflict.

KNEEL BEFORE ZOG! Alpha Test Information

Sometime in the fall of 2011 I first started talking to Lisa Stevens and her team at Paizo about their plans for Pathfinder in the MMO market. Within a few months we had decided to create a plan to make an MMO, and begun writing up our ideas about how it would work and what kind of experience we wanted players to have.

An Update on the Land Rush

The River Kingdoms Are Alive With The Sound Of Music! That is if you think the sound of people swarming into the map to claim their spots on the Guild Land Rush Leaderboard is music - and let us tell you, it is sweet, sweet music to our ears!

More Info on the Crafting System

This week we're going to highlight more information about the crafting system.  We know that crafting is a huge topic and something that a lot of people are really interested in learning more about.  As we move closer to beginning Alpha testing we are now beginning to implement all the pieces of tech and game design that have been built in parallel but not integrated up to this point into the client.  We are finally reaching the point where it makes sense to talk about these systems without having to use so many "we don't knows" and "that's still being worked on", etc.