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A More Detailed Map

There's been a lot of great discussion on the forums about the map we shared in this week's blog.  Lee took the time to make a more detailed version of the map and to share a legend for the map as well! 

The Map

We were discussing the names of the blogs in a meeting last week and the consensus was that we have pretty much reached the end of the value of having music lyric and band references as our titles.  From here on out, we're going to try and be a little more descriptive to make it easier to search for and find the blog you want to read.And this week's blog is a doozy.  It's all about The Map.

Gimme The Prize

We are moving ever closer to the start of Alpha testing.  The team is busy integrating work they've been doing for the past several months into the game client.  Every week we have a series of reviews of game design, art, and programming and it's pretty amazing to see all this hard work start to grow together and form the mesh of a really amazing game experience.

The Warrior's Code

This week's development video blog talks about how roles will be deployed during Early Enrollment and into Open Enrollment.  Lee and Stephen use the term "class" and "role" pretty interchangeably in this interview, but they are just using "designer shorthand" rather than indicating a change in plans.


This is not one of those blogs where we say "nothing much is happening except making progress per the schedule".This is one of those blogs where we talk about a bunch of exciting new stuff!Discuss this blog on the forums!