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Now I Understand the Supernova Scene

For the latest backer update video we wanted to capture the state of the game as we finalize the Q4 Milestone that was delivered in January. The two major areas we focused on were the combat system: the UI, animations, role features for multiple roles, plus the next iteration of the combat system itself; and the conversion of the world terrain from the fully manual small scale process to a more large scale terrain development method using the Grome tool pipeline. This allows us to create a wider variety of world area types, do it on a much larger scale, and include all of the road networks, encounter areas and settlement foundations.

Brass in Pocket

It has been just over a year since our second Kickstarter ended with more than a million dollars pledged by over eight thousand backers.

Beyond this Hill It Floods Rays of Hope

This past Monday was the end of our Q4 development period, meaning we were to complete all of our goals for Q4 2013. This week we are working to get all the results polished and operational; sometimes tasks are completed in the technical sense of the term, but may not be integrated with all the other systems that they need to interact with. Today we cap off with an internal team playtest to make sure we've got everything, and then a playtest with the folks from Paizo on Friday to get their feedback on the newest version of Pathfinder Online.

The Window's a Wound, the Road Is a Knife

Welcome to 2014! This will be the most exciting time yet in the history of Pathfinder Online. Our breakneck schedule continues to aim for a Q3 start for Early Enrollment. Staying that course requires us to complete the current milestone early this month. We are debating bringing the milestone to a conclusion either this week or next, based on the team's determination of the status of the feature set and how much additional work is required to hit our objectives. In either event, that means that the next blog in two weeks should be full of juicy details on how much progress we made at the end of 2013!

Alignment and Reputation

It is Holiday Season here at Goblinworks, and as we're perched on the edge of Seattle that means lots of rainy days and cloudy skies. Luckily the holiday break is rapidly approaching, and the Goblinworks team is going to be scattering to the four winds to see friends & family. As a result our blog posting schedule is going to be disrupted through the start of the new year. We will likely not have a blog on the 1st, but we will likely have a blog on or before the 8th.