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Pathfinder Online will be ending operations on November 28, 2021. For more details please visit our FAQ.

Enchanting is Live Today

Magic items just leveled up in Pathfinder Online! Whether you’re creating a +1 short sword or a set of +5 full plate armor, the enchanting system allows you to infuse that item with even more power. For example, if you take a short sword +1 and add the flaming enchantment, your weapon will now do extra fire damage on each attack. Your suit of full plate armor +5 could be enchanted with mystic insulation, which increases your resistance to cold & electricity damage. There are more than 200 enchantments available in the game after today’s update.

Fueling this system are hundreds of new raw materials (found only in specific monster hexes) and salvage items (tied to certain escalations), and these items are then refined into the final components needed for enchanting. This means that no matter what your role (gatherer, crafter, refiner, or adventurer), there’s something here to allow you to take part in the new system.

Kickstarter backers at the Adventurer level or higher, plus anyone who purchased the New Player Pack, will find their Bag of Holding and Ring of Protection available in game.

For more details, view the complete Early Enrollment v16 Release Notes.

See you in the River Kingdoms!