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Your Friend the Token

Your Friend the Token

Tokens are frequent loot drops from creatures in Pathfinder Online. They represent fleeting moments of triumph that can give you a small advantage in your battles. You equip them by dragging them from Inventory to the Wond[rous] slot on the Paperdoll. Once slotted, using them in combat (by pressing 9 or 0) gives you a buff. They’re very fast to activate and don’t cost Stamina or Power.  You can put up to 9 of the same Tokens into the Wond[rous] slot. They’re a good way to try out the buff system, and get a virtually free boost in a challenging combat. They're also a great way to experiment with various effects that are often associated with Feats so you can learn how to use them and decide if you like them before you spend XP on a Feat.

Token Types

  • Lesser Token of Awareness: This token makes you Aware. That gives you a big bonus to your Perception, to help you notice Stealthed opponents nearby. If you hit a Stealthed opponent with a ranged (physical or magical) attack while it’s running, the Aware condition transforms into Striking (explained in the Token of Striking, below).
  • Lesser Token of Curing: This token provides you a small Heal. It’s not the biggest heal, but it’s fast to use and doesn’t provoke Opportunity like a lot of other Heals.
  • Lesser Token of Dodging: This token gives you Dodging. That means a +20 bonus to your Reflex defense (+40 if you have Opportunity), which makes most attacks much more likely to do less damage.
  • Lesser Token of Freedom: This token gives you Freedom. That’s essentially additional temporary defense against attacks with Immobilize, Knockdown, and Stun (and eventually Petrify). More Freedom means that those control effects will last less time against you and may even be downgraded to Lesser Control*.
  • Lesser Token of Mind Blanking: This token gives you Mind Blank. That’s similar to Freedom, but affects more mental crowd controls, including Interrupt (and eventually Charm, Confusion, Nausea, and Sleep). Like with Freedom, more Mind Blank can decrease the duration of these controls and increase the chance they’ll be downgraded*.
  • Lesser Token of Parrying: This token gives you Parrying. That provides you a +20 bonus to your Reflex defense, and if you get hit with a melee attack Parying immediately changes to Riposting (see below).
  • Lesser Token of Riposting: This token gives you Riposting and Defending. Riposting gives you +30 to your next melee attack, making it much more likely to hit for full damage (or generate a critical hit against a target you’re already hitting easily). Defending is the lesser version of Parrying, and turns into Replying (the lesser version of Riposting). That makes this token likely to improve your next two melee attacks, assuming you can get the first one off before you’re struck by a melee attack.
  • Lesser Token of Striking: This token gives you Striking. That provides you +30 to your next ranged and magic attacks. It’s basically the Riposting of non-melee. That makes this a better choice than tokens of Awareness if there aren’t any stealthed individuals around.
  • Greater Token of Armor: This token gives you Physical Resistant. That provides you +12 to your physical resistance, greatly lowering your incoming physical damage for the duration.
  • Greater Token of Cunning: This token gives you Cunning. That gives a bonus to magic attacks for the duration and a bonus to your Will defense (this Token is still a bit of a work in progress and not all effects work as designed).
  • Greater Token of Fast Healing: This token gives you Fast Healing. That increases your hit point regeneration by 3% (you’ll heal an extra 3% of your maximum HP every six seconds).
  • Greater Token of Grace: This token gives you Graceful. That gives a bonus to your light melee and ranged attacks for the duration and a bonus to your Reflex defense (this Token is also still a bit of a work in progress).
  • Greater Token of Healing: This token gives you a moderate Heal. It’s more than a minor Heal!
  • Greater Token of Protection: This token gives you Freedom and Mind Blank. It’s like using a Lesser Token of both Freedom and Mind Blank.
  • Greater Token of Resistance: This token gives you Fire and Cold Resistant. That is +12 resistance to both fire and cold damage types, which should protect you against a wide variety of creatures and player spellcasters.
  • Greater Token of Strength: This token gives you Strengthened. That provides +10 to your Heavy Melee attacks, +3 to your physical damage, and a small increase to your Encumbrance (which would help you move a little faster while you’re overloaded).

* Control downgrading appears to be bugged right now, but we hope to get it fixed soon.

Tokens in Pathfinder Online are powerful, but their effects can be subtle (we’re working to get better effects and logging to make it apparent what they’re doing for you). If you’re involved in an easy fight, Tokens may not be too noticeable, but they can make a big difference in a challenging fight. The buffs from Tokens don’t last long, but they also take almost no time to activate, so think about working them into your combat tactics.