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Guides: New Player Help

Stephen Cheney
Some of these haven't been updated in a while, but they're still a good place to start.

Official New Player Guide

Official Combat Guide

Official Crafting Guide

The Goblinary (Nihimon and Kitsune) (Direct Link)

Read Me First (Guurzak)

Keywords (Dazyk of Phaeros)

Unofficial Guide to PFO (Sspitfire1)

Unofficial PFO Atlas (Harad Navar)
There are a lot of guides out there about how to create your character (available here) which include pages of excel sheets on every option in PFO. If you visit the forums, you will find a variety of opinions about the game (including haters) but my goal here is to help new players know how to enjoy the game. Here are the top 5 things to consider (there are more, but here is where to start):

1. Realize the game is being developed as we play. Ryan calls it 2 years into a 5 year development cycle, but the bottom line is that we are building an airplane while flying. Things will break, and it is our job as players to constructively help Goblin Works create the game. You will see Ryan (CEO Goblin Works), Lisa (CEO Paizo) and all the devs in the game. They read the boards, talk to us in chat, and even go out adventuring with us. Share your opinions (appropriately) and help build the game. Give them a break when things break, because it is still being developed.

2. Realize it is a game. We are all here to have fun, and we have it in different ways. Pick your way to enjoy the game, but don't make it your life. Don't take PVP personally. It is a open sandbox style MMORPG. This means people will shoot you for no more reason then they are bored, or they want what you have. Choose if you want to be part of PVP or not, but realize it is a game. If you die you may lose some items, but you are instantly revived, and it really doesn't matter.

3. There are too many character options in the game. PFO is a game with more options then you know what to do with. Luckily you gain 100 XP an hour, so if you 'buy' the wrong thing, a couple hours later you can buy something else. If you really want to plan every move out, follow the excel sheets and have fun doing math. The decision you need to make is what type of character you want to make. Do you want to focus on Player V Player (PVP), Player V Environment (PVE), Crafting (either making items or refined goods), or Gathering (picking up refined supplies). Luckily you get three character slots (and you can delete characters) so you can try other things.

4. When you have decided what you want to be, and how you want to play, you need to find a company to play with. It is a multiplayer game and having an active company to play with is a big part of the fun. There is a list of companies here but the big thing is to find one that matches your play style (and in some cases, time zone). Companies control settlements, and can be found across the map and in all sizes and types There are large companies/settlements with 100+ members (such as The Empyrean Order/Brighthaven or Golgotha) and then the smaller ones (such as Hoff's Path/RiverBank). Read the forums, and reach out to the company you think fits you best. You really want to join one ASAP as they will provide support in the hard first couple of weeks.

5. When all else fails, ask for help. There is a channel for help, and both GMs and players are willing to help. I know that many players including myself (Hoffman) and others (such as Fiery) actively watch help to try to help in any way we can. Ask silly qeustions. We have all been there, and even though we are all essentially new, and the game keeps changing, we are trying to help.

Have Fun! (and don't be a Jerk!)
Pathfinder University Helping new players to enjoy the game.
Daily classes listed at - all are welcome.
Join Pathfinder University for your first 90 days in game.
Abigail of Phaeros
I take my first steps into PFO on youtube, explaining how to move around, click on things, get and equip skills

Part 1 - First Look

Part 2 - Where are the Trainers and what do skills do?

starring: Yala, the up and coming wizard
I think there are some important things new players should know that in reality ought to be part of Goblinworks information that prospective players need to know, even beyond Hoffman's excellent post.

1. This game CAN NOT BE PLAYED SOLO. Certainly there are many things you can do solo (working on achievements or gathering resources for example), but the game is deliberately designed to make cooperation essential. Decide WHEN YOU JOIN which company settlement you want to be part of. Read about the various settlements and go talk to the players of those settlements that interest you by finding their settlement/company websites. (A list of those as part of a recruitment page would be useful). Go there and start playing with them from the beginning. Why?

2. This game is COMPLEX. The players that have been playing are the best sources of understanding how things work (the written guides are great too, but live player chat is better).

3. Equipment DOES NOT DROP FROM MONSTERS. Every item in the game is player crafted with the exception of base weapon drops and base armor from the starter quests. In your chosen settlement the crafters you will need to make the equipment you will want are already available (hopefully that's part of the due diligence you did choosing your settlement). Depending on the settlement they may give you equipment or ask you to gather materials or help take down escalations to gain better equipment. That's the start of cooperative play.

4. While you can solo a lot of low level monster groups for bigger groups or higher level monsters you need to BE IN A PARTY. Where do you party up? With your chosen Settlement of course.

5. This game is UNDER DEVELOPMENT. If you are joining at this stage I hope it's to be a part of that development. Read the Forums. Post on the Forums. Get involved. At this early stage of the game it's not about min maxing your characters.

6. PvE content at this stage of development is not very deep. You will get bored quickly if your sole intent for joining is to build your character. Loot drops are not the point of killing monsters. Gear comes from player crafting. What are the best drops in the game right now? RECIPES. What good do they do…they build your settlement's crafting abilities, which leads to better gear for you.

7. PvP. There is a huge long thread about PvP about half of which I have read debating the pros and cons. The mechanics are changing because the game is under development. BUT THIS GAME IS OPEN PVP. I don't happen to have ever played PvP in other MMOs. Didn't like the idea. Here I must adapt. How do I do that and why do I want to? You guessed it…group with my Settlement friends and be sensible if I solo. Why is PvP essential to this game? This game is a SANDBOX, which means it's built by the players, not by a designer run quest/dungeon/raid environment. There is no doubt that competing against other human minds, developing tactics and plans and strategies against or in cooperation with other humans is the most challenge there will ever be in a game. I am a huge table top gamer. What is the essential component of table top vs. on line? You get together with friends and play. Who do you play against? The DM…another human mind. So for those in that long thread that say there is no PvP in Pathfinder or D&D table top. You are wrong. It's all PvP, it's just the other P is the DM. This is the on line MMO version of table top. Find your friends, get together with them, cooperate and win.


Ozem's Vigil, Lawful Good Settlement of the North. Come join us and make a difference in the game.
Revisit the new player experience/introduction.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
XP is learned over time at a rate of 100/hour of real time.

Killing things generates loot most of the time. It is automatically added to your inventory (at the moment). The goblins right on the edge of town are poor. They have no loot. You have to go further from town to find other things with loot.

Loot may include coins, which get auto-converted to "abadar credit" when you access a bank, and can be used to buy things in the auction house. You can also trade with other players. Note: You can also be killed by other players and have your loot taken. Be aware. Bank often.

There are tutorials available at the Fighter, Wizard, Cleric, and Rogue trainers that will get you some good equipment.

Ability scores are a reflection of what you have trained and earned. As you use XP, they start to climb, but not very quickly.

By "year two of five" (more accurately, now, 3/5), they're saying that for most other games, you wouldn't even be seeing the game yet. They are not starting with a feature complete game developed behind closed doors and then opening it to look for bugs. They are opening the doors at the earliest possible moment, so that they can add features and improve them at the same time as we look for flaws. It is incomplete. Goblinworks is offering the chance to get in early and shape it, but that is not for everybody.

The new player guides referenced in the startup of the patcher are worth looking at.
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chad4hale, a lot of these questions are answered in the guides linked at the top of this thread, starting with the official new player guide. If you haven't read it already, it'll definitely save you a lot of confusion and frustration in getting acquainted with the game.
^This is Dak (Charlie George). RIP <Guurzak>
Hobson Fiffledown
GW needs to install a "must read" splash page for first time logins or something. Barely anyone reads the (mountains of) available information and this new player's reaction is all too common.
This space for rent.
New players need templates to simplify what to spend XP on so as to narrow down choices they aren't familiar with making.
These guides seem to be missing.

Can someone provide working links?


Stephen Cheney
Official New Player Guide

Official Combat Guide

Official Crafting Guide

The Goblinary (Nihimon and Kitsune) (Direct Link)

Read Me First (Guurzak)

Keywords (Dazyk of Phaeros)

Unofficial Guide to PFO (Sspitfire1)

Unofficial PFO Atlas (Harad Navar)
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