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Guides: New Player Help

Hi Marisiel,
The first 3 are in the game launcher up top. is for #4. Not so sure about the rest. smile
Virtute et Armis
Harad Navar
Unofficial Atlas is
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Harad Navar
Unofficial Atlas is

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Are there updated guides? Also, some of these links no longer work. At least the ones that go to Google Docs.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
That's a good question.

Does anyone know the answer to this?
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The official guides (and likely the unofficial ones as well) haven't been updated in a while, but they're still good places to start. I edited the original post with a comment to that effect, and also fixed the links for those.

Iram Thelbane
Thanks Bob
Anyone ever play one of those old school NBA games? The one where its like three on three? In one of those earlier ones… when you keep scoring from beyond the arc, or dunking like Shaq, the announcer goes "HE'S ON FIRE!". You're then on fire and when you have the basketball, its on fire. You don't miss. Ever. From back court, too.
-Bob, you Sir, are on fire. Your responses have been spot on from what I can see and represent an appealing dedication that helps games like this succeed. Keep up the good work.
-Thank you
I don't recall where I got the link to the "PFO WIKI" google sheet, but looks like Bob has been adding to it so it isn't outdated anyway.
Question though: Am I overlooking something or are the harvesting kits missing from the lists?
I have been using it and goblinary and neither source has anything about harvesting kits.
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