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Spellcraft. What it do?

As the title say, I have no idea of what spellcraft do.
Someone can explain that to me?
Hobson Fiffledown
Raises a stat…like Bluff should. Hey-O!

It does nothing else as far as I know. Spellcraft was going to be for enchanting things, but…oh well.

And it is the reason the "it will confuse players" argument for removing, or not bringing back Bluff is so funny.
This space for rent.
Currently +4 and +5 armor and weapons are pointless to make other than as a one off to get an achievement. Any +4 or +5 armor or weapon behaves exactly the same as a +3 version when you equip it. (the only gear that is currently beneficial to make at +4 or +5 are implements like Spellbooks and consumables like bombs)

Spellcraft eventually will allow crafters to add the missing keywords needed to give +4 and +5 armor and weapons a purpose.
Someday it will be useful! And if you invest now, you can start using it right away when it is.
Cleric of Sarenrae
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