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Chat Commands

This thread is for listing out some of the many handy chat commands available in the game. To use them, you can type them into the chat window in this format:

/Command Parameters

On a Windows machine, you can also skip the / by pressing Pause and typing the commands directly into the in-game command prompt in the following format (which also avoids the danger of accidentally forgetting the slash and posting an intended command to General):

Command Parameters

In either case, improperly formatted, misspelled or unrecognized commands will result in an error message displaying in the chat window.

To kick things off, here are two of the handiest chat commands:

  • /Help: This will display a list (in the chat window) of most of the chat commands available to you.
  • /Stuck: This will help you get unstuck if you're trapped somewhere in the game. It will start a 5 minute timer and, if you don't move during those 5 minutes, you'll be teleported to the nearest shrine. It doesn't count as a death, so you'll keep your inventory and your equipped items won't take a durability hit.

Feel free to suggest other sets of chat commands for inclusion here. I'll add them as I can, and I'll occasionally go through and edit/delete any discussion comments so that posts listing commands remain at the top of the thread.
Blacklist Commands-
/BacklistAddCompany "name"
/BacklistAddPlayer "name"
/BacklistAddSettlement "name"
/BlackListCheck <to see who is blacklisting you
/BlacklistRemoveCompany "name"
/BlacklistRemovePlayer "name"
/BlacklistRemoveSettlement "name"
/BlacklistView <to see who you have blacklisted

Notes: Quotes are not needed. Just name of individual, company or settlement.
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Party Commands:

/invite "charactername" - invite character to party.
/leave - leave a party.
/kick "charactername" - remove a character from the party.
/promote "charactername" - promote another character in the party to party leader.

Alliance Commands:

/Allyapply "Settlementname" - apply to the named Settlement to become an ally.
/BreakAllianceSettlement "Settlementname" - break an alliance with another Settlement
/ApproveAllianceSettlement "Settlementname" - approve the application of a Settlement and make them your ally.
/DeclineAllianceSettlement "Settlementname"- reject the application of a Settlement to become an ally.
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There are more but I lack full knowledge of the proper syntax, which is not detailed under "/help".
/ToggleFps: Toggles the Frames per Second display above the Action Bar on and off.
So it"s been a long time. What is the chat command to leave a company?

Anyone and Thanks!

NVM I remembered it "/vcleave <company name>"
Forgotten Commands

/vccreate companyname

/settlementapply settlementname, companyname
/settlementleave SettlementName, CompanyName
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