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Frequently Asked Questions

Pathfinder Online Prelaunch Questions

When is Pathfinder Online coming out?

Early Enrollment has begun!

Open Enrollment is tentatively scheduled for late 2018. We'll re-evaluate that target as we get closer to completing our planned features and start the final polish stage.

What is Early Enrollment?

This is the first phase of our launch of the game. Early Enrollment began after Alpha testing was complete. During Early Enrollment many key game features will not be implemented or will be implemented in a very basic state. Based on feedback and interaction with the players the Goblinworks team will be iterating on the design, prioritizing the order that features are added and incorporating suggestions from the community into the design.

This is a process similar to the way Minecraft and GMail were developed. We know it's not for everyone, but we're sure there are lots of players who want a front-row seat to watch an MMO being built from the ground up.

Early Enrollment will not be a "beta test" in the classic sense. The objective is not to find and fix bugs - although that will be a part of what happens during Early Enrollment. The objective is to begin with a "minimum viable product", and then expand the game in a feedback-driven process.

We release regular updates which introduce and iterate on existing features and provide polish and bug fixes. You can see a list at this link.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment will follow Early Enrollment. We expect to begin Open Enrollment early in 2016. Open Enrollment will represent the point where we believe the game is comparable to similar MMOs developed in an old-fashioned, opaque, "ship it when it's done" method. Open Enrollment will feature territorial battles for Settlement control, and more robust graphics and UI.

How can I keep up with Pathfinder Online news?

You can sign up to our newsletter to receive e-mail updates for Pathfinder Online, and our blog now generates and RSS feed. We also regularly update our:

Facebook Page

Twitter Feed (@GoblinworksInc)

How can I share my ideas for the game with you?

We are very active in discussing the game on our forums. We value your input and want to have a 2-way conversation with the community.

Company Questions

How can I get a job with Goblinworks?

Click the "Jobs" link on the "Goblinworks" menu item.

What's the relationship between Goblinworks and Paizo Publishing?

Goblinworks has an exclusive worldwide license from Paizo to create an MMO using Paizo's Pathfinder property. Paizo is a founding owner of Goblinworks, and is providing operational support to Goblinworks. Lisa Stevens is a founding owner of both Goblinworks and Paizo, as well as the CEO of Paizo and the COO of Goblinworks.

Which Paizo employees are involved with Pathfinder Online?

Because Pathfinder Online is very important to Paizo, almost every Paizo employee that works on Pathfinder will be involved to some degree with Pathfinder Online. Paizo's leadership team of Lisa Stevens, Erik Mona, Jeff Alvarez, and Vic Wertz, as well as Creative Director James Jacobs, have been working on Pathfinder Online since its conception.

Pathfinder Online & In Print

Is the tabletop Pathfinder Roleplaying Game going away?

Far from it! Pathfinder Online and the Pathfinder RPG will not only coexist, but they'll benefit from one another in countless ways.

Is Pathfinder Online going to be a direct adaptation of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook?

No. MMOs have different needs than a tabletop roleplaying game. Pathfinder Online will retain the spirit and flavor of the Pathfinder RPG, but it will not be mechanically identical.

Will the things that happen in the game be official canon for Pathfinder?

While the printed game may incorporate ideas and developments drawn from Pathfinder Online, the two are distinct entities. Players chart the course of events in Pathfinder Online, and the end result may look very different from the continuity of the published campaign. As in the case of Pathfinder RPG Modules and Adventure Paths, the "results" of adventures do not generally change the status of the published campaign, leaving those developments for the player characters to experience themselves at the game table (or in the case of Pathfinder Online, in the shared virtual world).

Will Pathfinder Online use the OGL?


What races will I be able to play?

The initially available race options will mirror the core races of the tabletop Pathfinder RPG: dwarves, elves, gnomes, half-elves, half-orcs, halflings, and humans. For Early Enrollment we'll have humans, elves and dwarves. Other races will be added over time.

What classes will I be able to play?

Pathfinder Online's innovative archetype system includes specific paths of development that reflect the classes in the tabletop game, so if you want to play a character that mirrors a classic tabletop class, you'll be able to do it. However, Pathfinder Online is driven by more diverse player activity than the classic adventurer-focused tabletop experience; Pathfinder Online players will be able to act as merchants, farmers, miners, teamsters, caravan guards, spies, and explorers, and in any other role the players choose to create. Characters will have a wide variety of skills to develop, allowing them to be highly customized to the player's preference.

For Early Enrollment we'll have support for characters playing the role of fighters, wizards, rogues and clerics.

Will I be able to play to 20th level?

Characters in Pathfinder Online don't have levels in the classic sense. The class levels from the tabletop game don't map to the power levels of the online game.

Will archetypes, spells, feats, equipment, and other stuff from Paizo products be available in Pathfinder Online?

While many of the mechanics are different, the flavor of the world will be consistent with the Pathfinder campaign setting, so you will find much that is familiar.

Where does the game take place?

Pathfinder Online is set in the River Kingdoms area of Golarion, a wilderness dotted with ancient ruins and small self-governing communities. The area is temperate, with a wide variety of terrain including lakes, rivers, swamps, forests, plains, grasslands, hills, and mountains. A wide variety of monsters inhabit the area.

Is the story based on a specific Pathfinder Adventure Path?

No. While it takes place in the same region as the Kingmaker Adventure Path, the game will not overlap with the events of that story.

How will this interact with Pathfinder Society Organized Play?

Initially, at least, interaction with PFS will be minimal.

Pathfinder Online Basics

What platforms are the game being developed for?

Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh.

Will there be a cost to play Pathfinder Online?

We are planning a hybrid subscription/microtransaction model. Players will have the option to pay a flat monthly fee for complete access to all standard game features, or to use microtransactions to access desired features and content on an a la carte basis. Pricing details have not yet been finalized.

During Early Enrollment only subscriptions will be available. Subscriptions will be priced at $15/month.

Will there be premium content?

Yes. Several types of premium content can be purchased using microtransactions. This content includes "bling"—visual enhancements to the character or the character's property that have no mechanical effect; a wide variety of mounts that let you customize your ride and show your personal sense of style; and low level consumables that will give minor benefits.

Our commitment to the players is that there will never be an item in the cash shop that is mechanically better than the best craftable item that can be made by characters in-game. The cash shop items will always be implemented in such a way as to avoid harming the in-game economy.

Will the game be available internationally?

The game will be playable worldwide, although it will initially be available in English only. Localizing the game into other languages will depend on the pace of the development effort and the ability of Goblinworks to provide full support to new markets.

Will Pathfinder Online have an age restriction?

Players must be at least 16 years old to have a Pathfinder Online account.

Will I be able to have multiple characters?


Can I be a bad guy?

Yes. You might find that "bad" can be a relative term, though!

How do I acquire stuff in the game?

You can buy it, make it, or take it. The game will have a thoroughly developed economic system.

Will it have things like banks and auction houses?

Yes! Charactrers access a virtual bank for Coin, and a localized Vault and Auction House for items. Items have to be moved from point to point and are not virtual. Auction Houses are not linked.

Will there be a system for guild play?

We know that many existing MMO guilds like to test & play new MMOs as a group, and they want to reserve things like guild names and certain character names. We're sensitive to these needs, and we'll be working on a complete package of guild migration tools for the game.

Will PvP (player-vs.-player aggression) be allowed?

Characters will be able to attack rival characters in most parts of the game world. In many circumstances, though, unprovoked aggression may carry severe in-game penalties.

Can I define where in Golarion my character is from? Will it have an in-game benefit?

There will be many ways to differentiate your character during character creation, and your character's background will have an in-game effect.

How is Pathfinder Online different from World of Warcraft or any other fantasy MMO?

Most fantasy MMOs, including World of Warcraft, are "theme park" games. In theme parks, you're expected to work your way through a lot of scripted content until you reach the end, and then you play end-game content while you wait for the developers to release more theme park content so you can continue to advance your character.

The other end of the MMO spectrum is the "sandbox" game. In sandboxes, you're given a lot of tools and opportunities to create persistency in the world, then turned loose to explore, develop, find adventure, and dominate the world as you wish. You and the other players generate the primary content of the game by struggling with each other for resources, honor and territory. There is no "end game" and no level cap.

Pathfinder Online is a sandbox game with theme park elements. You'll be able to create your own place in the world of Golarion, complete with complex social and economic systems. You'll form ad-hoc or permanent groups ranging in size from small parties to large settlements and even huge nations, and interact with others in your world in a realistic, unscripted fashion. You'll also be able to participate in scripted adventures, though, with the outcome of those adventures helping to determine the shape of your world.