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Early Settlements

To set the stage for Early Enrollment, we conducted the Guild Land Rush. Groups formed to compete for the initial player-run Settlements that would be seeded into the game. Each of these Settlements is actively recruiting new members.

If you're new to the game we highly recommend that you seek out and interact with these groups as quickly as possible. Having a community will help you learn the game, and many game systems cater to settlement gameplay.


  1. Auroral

    Death Ends Your Sorrow

  2. Aragon (CN)

    "In Chaos we are bound only by our Love for Freedom"

  3. Blackfeather Keep

    Settlement: Blackfeather Keep (LG)

  4. Blackwood Glade

    Haven of Elvenkind. The ways of nature, magic and perfection.

  5. Brighthaven (NG)

    Brighthaven is a Neutral Good settlement focused on defending its citizens and its allies from negative fringe based PvP (Player Killing and Griefing) while striving to become a large and shining beacon for Good. Whether you wish to benefit from this protection or you love PvP and wish to assist in providing this protection, Brighthaven aims to be the home and support center for you!

    Brighthaven will provide a safe harbor, a place of relative security in the wilderness areas away from Thornkeep and Fort Inevitable. In striving for excellence we will also be offering good-aligned characters the highest level of training and services available anywhere in Pathfinder Online.

  6. Callambea (LN)

    There is No Peace Where the Will Falters

  7. Canis Castrum

    Such Adventure. WOW! Canis Castrum is the fastest growing trade hub in Pathfinder Online. At our Auction House, merchants and crafters acquire exotic items from every corner of Golarion. Whether you’re an ambitious merchant or a tenacious mercenary, we offer diverse training options through our membership with the Aeonian League. Riches await you on the golden plains!

  8. Dagedai

    By will alone, we set this trade in motion.

  9. Deadman's Glen
    Contracts are law
  10. Emerald Lodge

    Explore, Report, Cooperate - A PFS ruled settlement

  11. Forgeholm

    The Dwarves of Forgeholm, a Lawful Neutral settlement, and their friends of all races, invite you to join us as we build a successful settlement in the hills of the River Kingdoms.

    Dwarves are a tight knit group that will defend Forgeholm and each other. Armorsmithing and weaponsmithing skills are being honed, skilled craftsmen will plan, design, and construct our keep and other buildings using our trained architects, carpenters and stonemasons.

    Dwarves are friends of the Elves and Humans, Gnomes and Halflings. Many members of our settlement came for solitude, repentance, or redemption, but we all have the same goal; make Forgeholm great!

  12. Freevale

    Freevale is an open invite settlement focusing on Chaotic game play. A member of The Nation of Kathalphas, Freevale is one of only a few settlements open to Evil characters. We support Cleric and Wizard training, giving the less than lawful types a real option for advancement. If you are looking for a Chaotic home that doesn't dictate how you play, you are looking for Freevale.

  13. Golgotha (LE)

    "Through Strength of Arms, We Bring Peace"

  14. Hammerfall

    Hammerfall is a settlement made up of several small,
    allied companies. Our goal: To be a haven for non-evil PC craftsmen,
    explorers and warriors. Striving for individual excellence but working
    together to assist and protect our community and its allies. All
    non-evil roles and pcs are welcome.

  15. Hope's End (LE)

    Hope's End, a member of PFO's most diverse alliance the Aeonian League, is the home to lawful evil characters willing to do what needs to be done. If you're an auspicious and ambitious mercenary, occultist, or assassin Hope's End is looking for you. Respected by our allies, feared by our foes.

  16. Keeper's Pass

    Do you value freedom and non-aggression? Do you wish to help build a great safe-haven while growing a community of people? Then Keeper’s Pass is for you! Keeper's Pass is a community of people seeking to improve life for all while maintaining individual rights and life as the highest values. All companies choosing to live in Keeper’s Pass retain their individuality and we encourage advancement in all areas. All who honor and respect life and freedom are welcome to call Keeper's Pass home.

  17. Kreuz Bernstein

    Knights of a really cool Castle

  18. Ozem's Vigil (LG)

    Righteous Valor, Justice and Honor; The Hardest Road

  19. Phaeros

    Creation. Destruction. Exploration. Contemplation. Magic. Nature. Mysteries.

  20. RiverBank (Pathfinder University)

    RiverBank is the training grounds for Pathfinder University. Pathfinder University (PFU) is a company for new players in their first 90 days that holds classes in Thornkeep and trains across the map. RiverBank follows two simple rules: 1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, 2. Don't be a jerk.

  21. Stoneroot Glade

    Nestled in the heart of the Bulwark hills, Stoneroot Glade is the jewel of the highlands. Populated by hearty pioneers putting pick and drill to rock for ore and stone, and brave adventurers of all stripes dedicated to constructive brotherhood North of the High Road. We are a hard working lot and ever vigilant against those who would harm or exploit the weak and unwary for pleasure or profit. We are hardened folk with gentle smiles and a viscous bite. Our surroundings are not for the feint of heart or the weak willed, but the land toughens our hide and braces our resolve. Many dangers knock upon our doors, whether it be skull bashing maniacal ogres power crazed Ustalavian knights, malicious cultists, or brazen bandits from the East, we rise to the challenge proving each time that our meat is too tough to chew. Desert nomads, high country mystics, dour dwarves, charitable rapscallions and magnanimous entrepreneurs all call these hills home. Will you?

  22. Sunholm

    Small settlements unite! A Settlement of Independent Companies, For Independent Companies!

  23. Talonguard (NG)

    A tight knit, settlement-focused community. Supported by The Magistry, Steel City Knights, and Dragonblade Mercenaries.

  24. Tavernhold(CG)

    We'll Drink to That!